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Meet our friendly WordPress Developers

We not only build products for you but also develop our people to be future leaders in software industries in the region.

Why You Should Choose Us

We are a strong team of 6 people specializing in converting WordPress into your dream website and mobile applications. Your website, android app, and iOS app content will be managed only from one single WordPress backend.

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We partner with the best

We partner with the best teams ranging from startups to huge company to ensure we deliver you the best result we can.

We care for your project

We automate most of our day-to-day jobs to make sure we have loads of time working on your project.

We believe in working as a team

At CAMWP DEV everyone is the main part of the company. Everyone is working in a team following agile principle. Our vision is to deliver the product to you on time.

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The Team

CAMWP DEV cannot exist without these amazing crews.

  • Sophea PHY

    Sophea PHY

    Co Founder & CEO

    Sophea is the leadership of CAMWP DEV. His talented strategy has improved our resource quality and speed. Besides managing the day-to-day jobs in the company, Sophea helps lead a bunch of projects and take care of client communications. Sophea loves traveling with his beautiful wife and his cutest daughter.

  • Vannkorn TEPKEN

    Vannkorn TEPKEN

    Co Founder & Dev Advisor

    Vannkorn experiences leading CAMWP DEV in day-to-day jobs for almost 2 years. He’s been developing websites and web applications using WordPress for almost 4 years. He’s passionate about providing simple solutions for complex business problems. He spends a lot of time working on development automation and finding tools to help development tasks in the company easier.

  • Panhavuth LONG

    Panhavuth LONG

    Business Advisor

    Panhavuth is a business advisor for CAMWP DEV, a chairman of Memoria Palace & Resort, and a freelance consultant on Rights, Democracy and Governance. In addition, he is also a realtor and business development consultant for many local businesses involving Information Technology, Construction and Import & Export.

  • Chomrurn MAING

    Chomrurn MAING

    Co-Founder & Developer Lead

    Chomrurn leads the development team at CAMWP DEV. He’s a quick learner and outgoing. He has a great skill in various programming technologies, including, but not limited to, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP. He’s been working with WordPress and PHP Laravel Framework for almost 2 years.

  • Kemleang OEUNG

    Kemleang OEUNG

    UX/UI Designer & Web Developer

    The funny guy in the team. Kemleang has great knowledge of UX/UI. His great understanding of UX helps the team deal with loads of designing problems. Beside working, Kemleang spends lots of time traveling and meeting new people.

  • Rithy NGOEM

    Rithy NGOEM

    Intern Developer

    After working as school staff, Rithy loves technology and like to code so he decided to take a course in Computer Software At Norton University. He has the talent to develop frontend, He asked to join our team to enter the web development industry which he loves since he was a schoolboy.

  • Sreynoch CHOU

    Sreynoch CHOU

    Intern Developer

    Sreynoch is the youngest in the team with the ability to learn fast. She is an undergraduate in Computer Science at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. She spends much time reading blogs and cooking at free time.