We spent 3 days and 2 nights on the island. What have we learned and what experience we gained?

The fourth Company Trip

This is our fourth company trip which involved almost everyone in the team. 5 out of 6 people in the team attending the trip.

CAMWP DEV Trip to Pineapple Island (Koh Manors — កោះម្នាស់)
The beautiful view of Pineapple Island

Our very first trip was to Memoria Palace, Pailin Province. We spent 3 days there. We traveled around the city, going to the border and enjoy the trekking through amazing places.

The swimming pool from above the hill, Memoria Place

Our second trip was to Kdard La Tente, Kampot Province. The trip was organized by Small World and every startup was invited. We had lots of funs there. We explored Kampot City and tasted good food. The most unforgettable experience was to visit some interesting places such as Prek Kampot, Trapang Sangke community and Bokor Mountain.

Our third trip was to Sanaka resort, Kampot Province. Chomrurn and Kemleang attended the trip. They had a lot of funs and meeting new people.

Away from the Keyboard

As a young startup with a small budget, we work hard to build our brand and to promote what we are doing to the target clients. Holidays and weekends are the only spare time for us to boost our productivity and learn new things.

The team prepares to leave for the island

At the same time, we believe going away from the keyboard brings more creativity. Some creative solutions can come up during our happy time.

Make new friends and brings more memories

There were 9 other people going with us. They are young, smart and outgoing. We had a lot of fun and good time together both on the bus and on the island. Almost everyone could tell jokes.

People who joined our trip

Enjoy spicy seafood and coconut juice

Going to the sea, vitamin SEA is not enough. Seafood at Koh Manors is the freshest seafood we ever find in Cambodia. We had shrimp, squit and some crabs.

The host made us her local spicy food, guess what? They were delicious. The best thing added to that delicious food was the beer we brought and the “Jungle Juice” Kimchou made.

They called it “Jungle Juice”

Trekking, Swimming, Fishing

We spent our whole holiday swimming and playing on the beach on that island. We even trekked through the jungle to discover some parts of the island.

There are hundreds of coconut trees on the island, and you know what? We all enjoyed the coconut juice.

The most exciting things were fishing at night, diving in shallow water to see the beautiful reef, and of course, fishing shell.

The team is finding shell in the shallow water

This is an unforgettable trip for everyone and we can’t wait to be there again in the next coming holiday!