CAMWP DEV has been on its journey for almost 3 years. Since the day we started, we came across all good and bad things. Good things helped us survive, but the bad ones helped us learn.

Those 2 years have been a valuable lesson for the people at CAMWP DEV to learn from mistakes we’d made and probably be the best path for those who want to start a small business of their own.

People at CAMWP DEV have a common dream, “being Independent.” We believe in being on our own to determine our own path and to help others.

Branding and messaging tools are the only way to help startup outreaches their target audience which is, unluckily, a bit expensive, especially for small businesses. That’s why we exist!

How We Started

We have started the company with 3 people. Two out of three had quit their 9 to 5 job and invested their full time in the journey. Lucky for us, we had won one quite big project bid so that we had enough budget to buy computers, screens, and the 3 months rental fees for an office room at SmallWorld where we have been the only website development service startup in the space. Thanks to Rithy, the space’s co-founder, who agreed to provide us a 3 months discount at that time.

What We Learnt

Not all startups success by having all team members invested 100% of their 9 to 5 time into the business, but one would fail if one of its members do not invest full time.

People in the team must have a common dream and must work hard altogether to archive the common goal.

We Started Small

As mentioned, there were only 3 people in the team at the time we started the company. Soon one of us quit due to he had a baby and needed a 9 to 5 job to support the day to day living chores.

Then there were only 2 left. The 2 heroes were working in almost every day-to-day tasks such as meeting with clients, designing mockups, PSD to HTML and WordPress integration. But after a few months, until we have regular projects coming in, we decided to hire one developer and a few interns.

The recruiting process is a bit difficult. We first shortlist the candidates based on their CV and for those who were shortlisted were given a one-week web project test which they can do at home. Once finished, they sent us back the source code with instructions how to install the application locally. We inspected their work and if we found no fraud, they were invited to the last stage of the recruitment process which is the interview.

Many candidates had complain about this process and said as a small startup we should not make such complicated recruitment.

To us, only good people would accept the difficult challenge and only those who would want to join your journey would not cheat.

What We Learnt

1. Trust helps us unite and fight through every hard time we’ve gone.

2. We dream big but we start small. We walk slow but we never walk back.

CAMWP DEV team appeared on Sabay News (2016)
CAMWP DEV team appeared on Sabay News (2016)

We Care About Our Staff

At CAMWP DEV, our staff are free to express their opinion regardless of everything. We believe having the variety of opinion will help sharpen the creative solution.

At the first day at work, the newly recruited one is warmly welcomed to all the team members. They were then given a training schedule by those from the production department.

We had prepared video tutorials on YouTube to help them get started. They are trained to learn how to PSD to HTML, code semantic HTML markup, to use SASS and Twitter Bootstrap for styling, and jQuery for JavaScript tasks. Last but not least, they will train how to integrate the HTML template into WordPress using Underscores framework.

In 3 months time, our freshly recruited people will be able to work on real client projects.

What We Learnt

Trust helps us unite and fight through every hard time we’ve gone through.

The growing team (2016)
The growing team (2016)

We Believe in Working as a Team

Our day to day work at the office is simple. We start the day by a stand up meeting reflecting who is responsible to which task that was early assigned the day before by our development leader.

The stand-up meeting to kick off the day
The stand-up meeting to kick off the day

We are following agile software development concept to make sure we deliver the product on time and meet the client’s demand.

We Don’t Always Accept Projects

Even though it sounds obvious for the tech service company, but it’s what we exist to be.

We refuse to work on illegal projects like gambling and human trafficking.
People are getting to us with rough ideas which some of them are sometimes crazy. We then sharp them to be a working prototype and eventually produce a workable software that truly works.

Again, we not only deliver them the product but the product that works, the product that helps the community and their own business to grow.

What We Learnt

Do not only help the client, build a tool that also brings value to the community.

We Refuse Investment

We accepted the investment from a few investors. One of them invested in a specific project and another one invested as a workforce in the company.

Remember, they invest in our company because they think that the company will grow in their expected time so that they can get back their RoI. If, otherwise, the company has failed to grow in their expected time, they will leave. Thus two of our investors has decided to leave us.

What We Learnt

1. Only accept investment from investors that care about our value.

2. It’s not how much we earn, it’s how long we stay in the market.

3. If we don’t need investment, never accept one.


Starting a business is difficult, but helping them survive is even tougher. The longer we exist, the more people we can help.

Freedom means everything to us
Freedom means everything to us